Buttons are a necessity of life. Everyone who likes to wear clothes that are more than just rags has a use for buttons. Buttons are used for practical purposes as well as decoration. We sew buttons on shirts, pants and skirts so that they are fitted and settled on the body in the best possible manner. Decorative buttons increase the aesthetic beauty of any dress and make you look more attractive too.

As befits their roles and importance, there are a lot of types of buttons you can choose from for your clothes.

#1) Two & Four-hole Buttons

Two or four-hole buttons are without a doubt the most used type of buttons and everyone knows about them. The holes are used to pass the thread and tie the button to the fabric using it. Two-hole buttons are simpler, require less thread and if sewn in the right way, behave no differently than four-hole buttons. However, four-hole buttons provide you extra assurance that the buttons won’t be detached.

You can sew these buttons yourself if you are a little adept with needlework. If not, you can just learn to sew or even better, ask a professional alteration service to handle your buttons for you.


#2) Wood, Metal, Shell Buttons

Here we are not talking about a specific button type in terms of build design. However, buttons do come that are made from synthetic material, wood, metal, shell, animal bones or teeth, or even rare minerals. These buttons are usually for people who have an exotic taste.

You can choose to have such buttons added to your dress if they make it look more beautiful.

#3) Novelty Buttons

Novelty buttons are not like normal buttons. They come in different shapes and may resemble animals, popular figures from real life or fiction or abstract art of any kind. Mainly, novelty buttons are luxury buttons which are used more for decorative purposes rather than practically.


#4) Jeans or Denim Buttons

Jeans buttons are different from the buttons mentioned above in a sense that they are not sewed rather installed or pressed in the jeans or jackets made from such cloth. This makes for a more firm installation which is required as denim or dungaree are heavy fabrics.  They are also called stud buttons. You can find a lot of variety in the market when it comes to denim stud buttons.


#5) Socket and Stud Buttons/ Snapper and Poppers

Different types of socket and stud buttons are in the market to be used under the buttons that are mostly there for decorative purposes. However, these socket and stud buttons are also used for practical reasons and are firmer in their installation within a dress. Their other name is Snappers or Poppers.

#6) Shank Buttons

If you take a ring and try to use it as a button, it would be pretty similar to a shank button though of course, the buttons are much bigger than rings, with smaller shanks. The bottom part of a shank button is called the shank which is used to sew or tie the button to the fabric.

#7) Toggles

These buttons are long skinny and resemble a cricket bail more so than a traditional button. Their slim length lets them enter almost any button hole made for the round or square buttons and act as the button themselves.

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