If you own a handbag, you also need to know how to maintain it in a way that doesn’t make it lose its beauty and value. Many a time, handbags are not properly taken care of and that is not an ideal situation. The wear and tear they go through can be avoided in most cases which would not only lengthen the life of a bag but also preserve a sizeable percentage of its resale value.

Therefore, in this blog piece, we will be discussing some of the easiest and simplest steps that you can take in order to keep your handbag nice and clean.

#1) Regular Cleaning

No handbag can stay properly maintained without regular cleaning. Whenever you are not using your bag, try to remove all the items that have no need to be in the bag or have served their purpose. There is a tendency in a lot of people that in the absence of a rubbish bin, they tend to stuff the tissue papers and wrappers of different objects in their bags. You should make a conscious effort to avoid doing that with your bag.

#2) Use of Products

There are a lot of products that can be used to keep the beauty of your bag intact. For different types of bags, made from leather or other materials, you can find appropriate products that can be useful in completely removing the temporary stains and giving a new shine to the bag.


#3) Suitable Storing

Always store your handbag properly when you are not using it. Most items like this are ruined when they are not being used very often. If the bag came in a box and you have space for it, use it to store the bag. If not, then try using a pillowcase or similar container. Make sure you don’t keep it in a place which traps the internal moisture because that can lead to mould.

It is important to note that these precautions are taken to keep the bag protected from dust which can bring dust mites as well as ruin the beauty and shine of the bag in no time.

#4) Shelf or Hanger

Always try to keep your bags on a shelf or a hanger depending upon the type of bag you carry. Outside of your own home or workplace, that may be a difficult task and thus, there are times when women have to put their bags on the floor as no other place is available. However, within your familiar surroundings, it is very easy to arrange for a handbag hanger or a shelf where your bag can rest when you are not carrying it.


#5) Internal Stain Prevention

To prevent internal stains, from items like lipstick, other makeup accessories, ink pens, lotions, or creams, you do a few things that are really easy and straightforward. Always keep such items wrapped in tissue papers or small plastic bags and make sure to change them every day too. Alternatively, you can also get small pouches to keep items like this separate from the internal fabric of the handbag.

#6) Don’t Delay the Repairs

Sometimes you may fell that the bag has lost some of its balance or that the strap is not as tight as it had been a couple of days ago. What we are trying to say is that when you think your bag needs repairs, don’t waste time and get it checked as soon as possible otherwise the bag may be irreparably broken or torn. Any good fabric alterations and repair service will be good enough to fix your bag and QuickStitch is no different.