Suits are an essential part of life for a lot of people. More and more people are trying to look their best as much as possible. This is evident by the fact that since the turn of the century, global sales of menswear have increased a staggering 70%, and when it comes to menswear, what are the most iconic item of clothing if not suits.

Let’s take a look at what fabric choices people have when it comes to having a suit tailored.

For the most part, people generally decide the right suit for themselves on the basis of its physical appeal, size and affordability. For the fabric conscious people, however, finding the right suit can be a bit tricky as there are a lot of options that may look attractive.

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The right fabric depends upon a number of factors and varies significantly from individual to individual. One of those factors is the weight of the fabric. For instance, for someone living in a hot and humid climate, the best fabric weight would range from 7oz to 11oz. The light fabric makes it comfortable for consumers to wear the fabric in rising temperatures. Due to lesser weight of the fabric, they wouldn’t sweat too much under its weight.

Even in the 7oz to 11oz range, you can find suit fabrics in the categories such as 7oz to 9oz and 9.5oz to 11oz. Thus making it possible for people to have their suits tailored in a way that perfectly complements the weather and general atmosphere in their surroundings.

Fabrics that weigh around 11oz to 13oz are considered perfect for all climates. They are a great choice for people looking to wear a suit that will keep them comfortable all around the year. If you trying to get a suit made for the first time, this range is the perfect fit for you. For children and teenagers, if the weather isn’t too hot, this fabric weight makes perfect sense as it brings the best of both worlds.

Things start to get a bit heavier from 14oz to 190z as people who live in cold areas tend to buy such fabrics. For obvious reasons, the heavier fabric helps in keeping them warm throughout the winter season. It is important to state, even if it may be obvious, that the heavier the fabric, the harder it is to carry the suit around, so treading carefully is advised in this matter.

Mens Suit Tailoring and Alterations

Another way to classify fabrics is by their types, which is apparently far simpler. In terms of cloth type for suits, wool and cotton are the two most popular choices among men. These fabrics are natural and versatile enough to be worn regardless of the weather unless any there are any extremities.

Wool tends to be more popular of the two because of its wrinkle free nature compared to cotton which is creased rather easily. Cotton is the softer of the two but wool, with all its other sub-types, is considered to be more luxurious. Apart from these, linen, velvet cashmere, polyester and silk suits are also quite popular and provide a great range of choice for any suitor.

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