About Us

Quick Stitch

Quick Stitch are Greater Manchester’s premier repair and alteration service. Our experts handle every job with a deft hand born of years of experience. We will have your jeans, dresses, skirts, jackets, prom gowns and coats as well as upholstery, leather, window treatments and more looking better than ever before and all for less than you might expect. Everything from the simplest alteration to the most complex repair is handled with the skill and precision befitting our hard earned reputation and every customer no matter how great or humble is treated with the same level of courtesy, attention and respect.

Alteration Services

Whether you are scheduled to walk down the aisle or present to the board of directors we make sure you always look your best. We use best practices and the highest quality threads, sewing machines, materials and more for each and every alteration or repair. If the details on your bridal gown are not perfect bring it to us. We are experts in beadwork, taffeta, silk and lace and will transform your current uninspiring gown into a thing of wonder in short order. Menswear alterations are also a specialty and of course we offer a full custom fitting service for our valued clients.