Jeans & Denim Alterations

Jeans and Denim Wear Alteration

Although they have been around for a century and a half blue jeans really exploded into the public consciousness about 50 years ago and since then it’s been a love affair without end. Today, everyone has a favourite pair of jeans and one of the saddest things is to have to shove them into the back of the draw or give them away because they no longer fit or they have become worn through in places due to years of service. If this has happened to you don’t despair. The experts at Quick Stitch are here to bring your denim clothing back to life for you.

A pair of jeans that fit perfectly don’t just look good, they are perhaps the most comfortable piece of everyday clothing a person can own. Whether they are a tight or loose cut makes little difference because once you put them on you feel like you are ready for anything from a hike in the woods to a night out with friends to chilling around the house on the weekend. If you have a favourite pair of full length jeans or even jean shorts that you thought you would have to give up on bring them to Quick Stitch instead.

You can trust the expert seamstresses and tailors at Quick Stitch to effect quality repairs or alterations to your denim clothing because we have been doing it successfully for so long. There is nothing about denim that surprises us anymore and nothing that is beyond our ability. The altering and repairing jeans is one of our most popular services and our customers return to us time and again because they know we will never let them down and that, wherever they go, they will look like they were born into their altered or repaired jeans.

We use the best tailoring techniques, made to measure garments & bespoke tailoring services in Manchester.

Adjusting the Hem

Some of our customers want their jeans shortened others will want the bottom extended a bit. Either way it’s no problem for our master seamstresses.

Seat Reduction

Waists aren’t the only thing we take in. Many who’ve worked hard to shed the pounds want their jeans to reflect the new reality.

Leg Tapering

With leg tapering the profile of the leg of the jeans from the thigh down is reshaped to be slimmer and more form fitting.

Invisible Mending

Sometimes jeans get caught on things and sometimes they just wear thin. Whatever the cause we’ll repair your jeans in a way no one will ever notice.

Adjusting the Waist

Whether your weight is down a bit or up a bit you’ll still want your jeans to fit properly. Adjusting the waist is one of our most requested services.

Jean Jackets

Bring your jean jacket to us for alterations or repairs and get many more years of enjoyment out of your favorite warm weather jacket.

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