Evening Wear Alterations

Evening and Formal Wear Alterations

Stepping out on the town should be exhilarating. You shouldn’t have to spend a single second worrying about whether your evening wear is living up to its promise. If you have a big event on your social calendar it greatly benefits you to ensure in advance that your evening wear is going to be up to the occasion to the same degree you are. At Quick Stitch we specialize in the alteration and repair of formal evening wear so that your clothes will radiate with the same intensity you do when you enter the room.

Our many years of experience in delivering timely, effective alterations and repairs for all manner of evening wear means we’re the ideal choice to trust with your beautiful ball gown, party dress or other formal attire. Our master seamstresses are unequalled in their ability to glean every bit of potential from a garment and as such can turn a so-so piece of evening wear into the talk of the town. When you make your entrance all eyes should be upon you for the right reasons. Make sure they are by letting Quick Stitch fine tune your evening wear.

We use the best tailoring techniques, made to measure garments & bespoke tailoring services in Manchester.


Perhaps you’re wearing an old favourite that has lost some of its pizzazz. Not to worry. We’ll breathe new life into it through reshaping.

Bridal Alterations

The ultimate formal wear is easily transformed by our master seamstresses through careful, discreet alterations. If you have a sample or vintage dress we’ll make it your own.

Adjusting Hemlines

Let us create a new look for your favourite formal wear by adjusting the hemline. When paired with the right shoes it will seem like a new outfit.

Bridesmaid Alterations

Bridesmaids play twinkling stars to the bride’s sun. Make sure they look spectacular through targeted alterations aimed at creating a cohesive look within the party.

Fashion Updates

Sometimes all that is needed are a few updates such as the removal of shoulder pads to turn veteran formal wear into something new and exciting.

Upgrading Incidentals

The devil is in the details as they say. Make sure you chase him away by having us upgrade buttons, snaps, hooks and other incidentals.

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