Curtain Alterations

Curtain Alteration and Repair Services

If you have ever bought ready-made curtains you know that it can be a challenge to find ones that fit your windows properly. They are too long or just a bit too short, or they are too wide and, as a result, are bunched up all the time, never quite achieving the look you had in mind. The answer to this vexing issue is to have the curtains altered in order to bring them into line with the rest of the decor, but finding the right company to perform the work can be as difficult as finding good fitting curtains in the first place. Unless you bring your troublesome curtains to Quick Stitch.

At Quick Stitch we understand the importance of curtains to interior design and decoration. To a very real extent curtains are the way you dress your interior. As such, having curtains that don’t quite fit is like wearing a dress or suit that is too large or too small. To remedy this issue we offer a full array of curtain alteration and repair services that will quickly and affordably transform your currently ill-fitting window dressings into the highlight of your interior decoration scheme. There is no reason to just accept curtains that don’t fit anymore. Bring them to Quick Stitch instead.

In the past if your curtains were bunching up on the floor because they were too long or on the curtain rod because they were too wide, or if you needed to have a lining installed your options were limited. Today, with Quick Stitch on your side, there is no need to endure ill-fitting curtains for another day. Our experienced and efficient staff will apply state-of-the-art techniques and materials to produce flawless results for you at affordable prices with minimal turnaround times to boot.

We use the best tailoring techniques, made to measure garments & bespoke tailoring services in Manchester.

Adjust the Length

This is the most common type of alteration our clients request and it’s one our expert seamstresses will turn around for you in no time.

Eyelet Modifications

Replace or add tabs, increase the number of eyelets or change from pencil to pinch pleats. It’s all in a day’s work for Quick Stitch.

Curtain Joining

Sometimes the curtains you purchase simply are not wide enough so you need to purchase two sets and have them professionally joined.


Adding a new trim to your store bought curtains can give them a one-of-a-kind look and feel that activates your decor. Same with adding custom tie-backs.

Curtain Lining

Sometimes you want to add a lining to your curtains to increase their light blocking or insulation ability. Bring them to Quick Stitch. We’ll do it right.

Curtain Repairs

Should your new or existing curtains be in need of any type of repair work call Quick Stitch. There’s no type of curtain repair we can’t handle.

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