Waistcoat Alterations

Waistcoat Repair and Alterations

The waistcoat is an infinitely important and versatile component of mens fashion. It is the 3rd piece in a 3-piece suit and a leading edge fashion statement in its own right. It can be mixed and matched or even worn with jeans as part of an edgy ensemble. Waistcoat alterations are a Quick Stitch specialty and that’s good to know if you’ve just found the perfect waistcoat in the vintage clothing store but the sizing was just a bit off. If you’re making alterations to your suit you’ll want to be sure you include the waistcoat because few things will look stranger that a nicely tailored jacket over an ill-fitting waistcoat.

One of the truisms when it comes to the waistcoat is that it should be tailored to your body in terms of both length and girth. While you may be able to hide tiny sizing imperfections under a jacket even the smallest maladjustment will cry for attention if you’re wearing your waistcoat solo. At Quick Stitch we provide quality, affordable waistcoat alteration and repair that will help save your 3-piece or establish you as a style force to be reckoned with. So before you decide to toss your veteran waistcoat the heave-ho let us have a go at it first.

We use the best tailoring techniques, threads, sewing machines and careful dedication.

Size Adjustments

If you’ve put on or taken off some pounds chances are you’ll need to adjust the size of your waistcoat. Our master tailors will make it look easy.

Changing Buttons

Sometimes simply swapping out the buttons on your waistcoat can make all the difference. Bring it to Quick Stitch and make sure it’s done properly.

Adjusting the Length

If your waistcoat is from a vintage clothing shop chances are it will need to be adjusted. We’ll adjust the length so if fits you to a T.

Replace the Lining

Waistcoat linings are one of their most compelling aspects. We can replace your current waistcoat lining with one that will dovetail more closely with your tastes.

Adding Pockets

In some cases you may want to add a pocket or pockets to your waistcoat for functional purposes. We’ll make them look entirely natural.

Custom Fitting

Bring your waistcoat to Quick Stitch and take advantage of our custom fitting services. We’ll have you looking like a million on no time.

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