Dry Cleaning

Full Service Dry Cleaning

At Quick Stitch we understand the best way to prevent the need for repairs is to always keep your garments in top condition. As such we offer full dry cleaning services to our customers that ensure their dresses, suits, trousers, jackets and more always look their best.

It’s important that your high quality garments are properly cleaned and pressed. Allowing them to become soiled or cleaning them in a non-recommended way risks causing them irreparable harm. Put the iron away and bring them to Quick Stitch instead. We’ll return them to you in mint condition for less than you expect.

Dry Cleaning Services

Of course, we don’t just dry clean clothes. Bring your duvets, linen, curtains, blankets and any other large item to us and we will soon have them looking and smelling as good as new.

Fabric Expertise

Whether cotton, linen, silk, high quality synthetic or any other material every single garment is handled with supreme care by our professional dry cleaning service team.

Odour and Stain Removal

The Quick Stitch dry cleaning team employ all the latest techniques to remove stains and odours from your garment. If it can be removed, we’ll remove it.


Top-quality professional dry cleaning is more important than any other single factor when it comes to the long-term preservation of your fine garments.

Garment Storage Service

If you fear your precious garments may fall victim to moths, burglary, humidity or any other hazard let Quick Stitch store them for you in our climate controlled facility.


When you trust the care of your garment to Quick Stitch they are returned to you thoroughly cleaned with every detail finished to perfection.

Household Items

Because clothes are not the only things that need special care we clean duvets, pillows, drapery, rugs, blankets and more at prices you can afford.